Home Staging, Reimagining and Organizing

Your home is more than where you live. It is actually the place where you create and recreate your energy, your intention and your lifestyle.  Your home can make you feel inspired when you wake up and give you a feeling of peace when you go to sleep. It can also do the opposite.

If home organization is lacking, or when you have unfinished projects, or even if your home may be an out-of-date style, it can cause stress.  This is where Purposeful Placement can help.  We help our clients  organize their belongings around their lifestyle.  We help homeowners use what they have and reimagine their beloved décor and furniture to create a fresh new feel that is carefully tailored to their tastes and lifestyle.

And when it’s time to move from your current home, be sure to speak to us about how we can stage your home for maximum appeal to potential buyers. So if you are selling your home and need to get top dollar for it, downsizing in a new home or condo, or if you’ve simply outgrown your current home or want to breath new life into your home, Purposeful Placement is key in making that happen and we would be pleased to speak with you!

Home Staging

Professional Home Staging in Jacksonville by Purposeful Placement

Nothing helps sell homes faster than Professional Home Staging. And we are experts at bringing out the hidden beauty of your home!

Reimagine Your Decor

Reimagine existing spaces for a whole new look and feel

Sometimes the smallest changes such as an accent wall or small splash of color can completely change the look and feel of a room.

Organizational Solutions

Home Organizing Ideas and Solutions by Purposeful Placement

Being organized can be easy with the right solution. And we have lots of ideas to help you organize your home and keep it that way.

CSP™ Certified Home Staging Experts

Professionally Staging a Home is without question, one of the most important steps you can take to get maximum dollar when selling a home. Properly staging a home gives potential buyers a first hand look at how beautiful the home is without expecting them to “imagine” how the home could be furnished and decorated. The certified staging professionals at Purposeful Placement know how to help builders, flippers and home owners present homes in their best possible light. Call or email us for a free consultation at (904) 236-7284 | info@purposefulplacement.com.